Induction Abortion

Induction Abortion Care
Up to 35 weeks

Safe And Compassionate
Abortion Care


(24 Weeks And Later)

This is typically a 3-day procedure, in some instances it can take 4 days, depending on your medical history. First, an ultrasound will be done. This is done by passing a microphone-like instrument over your abdomen (belly) which measures the size of your pregnancy. The final decision as to whether the induction can be done will depend on your medical history, physical exam, lab tests, and the doctor’s evaluation. On the first day, the cervix is slowly opened with cervical dilators, each one slightly bigger than the last. When the cervix is as open as possible, small sponges (laminaria) that take up water from your body will be placed; they swell and continue to open the cervix overnight. The next morning, the laminaria are removed and new laminaria are placed. This is repeated as needed until the cervix is adequately open. The induction abortion ends with the start of labor and delivery of a stillborn.

Birth control: You can become pregnant again right after your pregnancy ends. To avoid any unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, start using birth control immediately.

*We strongly suggest planning an extra day with your visit with us. Sometimes an extra day for dilation is needed for later abortions.

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